9 things really happy copywriters refuse to do

happy copywriter

Anybody who knows me well will also know that I’m ridiculous enough to choose my wines based on the bottle’s appearance. My gradually expanding collection is home to a roughly sketched hedgehog, a mosaic wall, and a sailor resting against the backdrop of blue and white stripes. I’ve often found that a perkier mood leads to better decisions, so maybe there is some logic behind my otherwise misguided approach to wine shopping.

On the occasions where I do choose wine while happy, I’ve found that multiple areas of my life are making pleasant contributions to my emotional state. While family and friends form a significant proportion all the time, my life as a copywriter has the potential to make my happiness bloom or collapse. In either instance, I’ve found that ditching the following actions makes for a more positive existence.

Happy copywriters don’t lower their rates for everyone

Never, ever drop your rates for everyone. While there’s a strong chance you won’t have the highest per-word fee to start, it should increase with experience. Don’t exchange your worth for promises of consistent work, as nobody can guarantee volume or longevity. Instead, boost your own morale by sticking to your financial guns.

Successful copywriters never miss a deadline

happy copywriters
CC: JeshootsCOM at Pixabay

If you want to command those high rates and liaise with consistent clients, never miss a deadline. Every time you feel like going over by an hour or two, just consider how it feels to receive a late payment. Your clients are paying for a service, so make sure you remain time-sensitive enough to justify asking them to place their hard-earned dollars in your hands.

Productive freelancers don’t check their emails throughout the day

It’s a well-known fact that checking your emails throughout the day makes you less productive no matter what your job is. Dedicate half-an-hour in the morning to peeking into your inbox and another in the afternoon. Checking in between those periods could lead to a lengthy back-and-forth conversation, which means you’re spending more time procrastinating and less time earning money.

Revitalised workers step away from their computer to relax

happy copywriters
Ditch the laptop and head for the outside world every so often

I don’t care who you are, feeling revitalised at least once a day will always increase your happiness levels. While it may seem as though you’re turning out too much work to take a break, not doing so is counterintuitive. Allocate a portion of your day to breaking free from your computer and you’ll find that your productivity continues to soar. Remember, a revitalised copywriter will find motivation easier than a downtrodden one.

Wise copywriters take a sensible approach to feedback analysis

Feedback is invaluable most of the time, but not all of the time. Occasionally you’ll encounter a client whose views don’t match with yours or someone who hasn’t yet grasped the essence of constructive criticism. Although you shouldn’t become unnecessarily touchy when a revision request lands in your lap, you also shouldn’t take everything to heart. Don’t globalise negative feedback, use it as a chance to develop.

Profitable freelance don’t live a life of chaos

happy copywriter habits.png

It’s oh-so-easy to fall into the trap of starting each week without a sense of organisation. Rather than spending each week living in chaos, create your to-do list at the start and allocate daily tasks accordingly. Although your plans won’t always unfold as you expect, sticking close to your self-inflicted operating requirements is always better than ambling through the working week without any structure.

Relaxed individuals refuse to work throughout the year

Just like those daily breaks that revitalise you, you deserve holidays/vacations to look forward to. You don’t need to spend time travelling, you can fence them off for spending time with family, enjoying the festive period, or becoming a temporary couch potato. As a minimum, you may want to opt for the four weeks employees usually enjoy. But, seeing as you’re a copywriter, you can always embrace the freedom that comes with your career and aim for more.

Perky persons don’t shut themselves off from the outside world

The world away from your home office/sofa is a very real thing. During the winter months, the rain that bashes against the window and the murky brown sludge that piles at your door will stop you from wanting to explore it. When the great outdoors are dry and warm, or maybe even just dry, you need to head for them. Disconnecting from the online world and revisiting the outside world will replenish your sense of purpose. If you’re currently living the life of a hermit copywriter, try adding a coffee house trip to each day.

Content copywriters don’t waste time justifying their careers

Seriously, I’ve lost count of the number of times relatives have praised me for temporarily gaining a physical job because they see it as ‘real’ work. While many of us are flying solo, we’re still running a thriving business just like anybody else. If your gran questions you at a distance relative’s anniversary party, employ the age-old tactic of nodding along and agreeing with what she says. The chances are she won’t remember the conversation later anyway.


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