Week 3 of guilty luxuries I adore

Guilty luxuries

You know those weeks where life is a not-so-perfect blend of chaos and exhaustion? With all of the back to school mania, new clients, and some sleepless nights, this copywriter in Wales is a tad behind with her favourite posting habit. Sure, writing pointless blogs about the luxuries I adore isn’t a necessity. However, I do enjoy producing them.

Aside from easing my small person into big school, I’ve been faced with ongoing passive aggressive behaviour from my cat. My sleeping hours gradually depleted from seven to two per night between Tuesday and today. With a two-hour nap this morning, I’ve found myself writing about SCADA systems while munching tacos. My child reliably informed me that the accompanying mango drizzle was inherently wrong. In her small mind, mangos belong in smoothies and ice pops only.

But now, five days too late, I am ready to complete my initial quest. From the Sancerre I am yet to secure (and will avoid doing so given my latest non-wine promise) to rosehip oil (thanks Kate Middleton for sharing that one) here they are.

Any bottle of Sancerre I can lay my hands on

While I am maintaining my promise to ditch my wine habit, the cravings for Sancerre are real CC: Scott Warman at Unsplash

My default glass of wine is Pinot Grigio. Providing all and any notes are underpinned with a dose of citrus (maybe some oak barrel ageing) I’ll drink it. Lately, though, I have been craving Sancerre. I think this is due to writing wine stories for a client in Australia called Wine Market. Rather than just blabbing about grapes, I’ve been digging into the romances that triggered the production of some of the world’s favourite vintages.

Eventually, I went on a wine browse (again, I promise I am not ignoring my own self-promise) and began craving Sancerre. Providing I can combine my adoration of quirky bottles with a strong production history, the wine gets my vote (plus, you know, all the flavour demands). Ladoucette Sancerre Comte Lafond Gran Cuvée Sauvignon Blanc is high on my hit list. When the wine famine ends in my house, of course.

Creating a soothing cat herb garden (even though my cats are dicks)

Cat herb garden
CC: Marko Blazevik

The example above of my cat waking me up at progressively earlier stages isn’t the only crime my felines have committed this week. There’s the taco invasion (so rude). Also, one appears to love only my partner. He’ll pine for him outside the shower, follow him to the loo to watch, and sits on my pillow at bedtime.

Doesn’t go purring my other half into a state of wakefulness, though.

In a bid to make the cats love me more/become generally nicer felines, I’m creating a cat herb garden. Like many of my well-intentioned ideas, it stems from Pinterest. Top of the plant list is catnip (naturally), cat grass (it’s a thing), Rosemary, and mint. So far, my efforts have resulted in the local alley cat invading the garden and my ginger deranged creature starting a fight with him. Said fight ended when they both tumbled into my pond, before the ginger deranged moggy flew out like the Titanic rising into the night as it snapped in two, before soaking my Egyptian cotton sheets with pond water.

Thanks, cat.

Smoothies with a boost of chorella

Chorella smoothies
Thanks to Tesco, enjoying Chorella-laden smoothies is a whole world easier. CC: Sonny Hiles at Unsplash

Never say that the aisles of Tesco will fail to produce wonders that only Waitrose provides. Hidden in the depths of their freezers is a new(ish) range of pre-loaded smoothie packets. For £2.75 a pop, you get four perfectly packaged frozen fruit portions, complete with embellishments such as chorella. If you go for their less hipster smoothie collection, you’re only a few aisles away from chia seed shots. Hello, convenience.

My reasons for packing my Nutribullet with chorella and chia seeds are as follows:

While I may lack the capabilities that allow for making delectable chia seed puddings, I think I’m making a decent(ish) start.

Meat deliveries from Shropshire

I’ve toyed with the idea of using sites such as Muscle Food in the past. After clicking around, faffing with various deals, and considering some weird packages (Ostrich burgers, kangaroo steak, the list goes on) I jumped ship and went to the Meat Man. The site design leaves a lot to be desired, but you can request several kilos of chicken that doesn’t shrink and a decent portion of steak mince that won’t swim with fat. Oh, and some spice rubs for those of us who are lazy.

According to the package, my meat came from Shropshire. True to the site’s reviews, the chicken is plump and it doesn’t start evaporating the second it touches a frying pan. As a side note, I made my own Jerk and my own Chipotle marinade, with minimal mess and tears.

Kate Middleton’s rosehip oil

Kate Middleton rosehip oil
So. Much. Style. Envy. CC: Reader’s Digest

Whenever I feel like my image needs a revamp, my mind wanders over to celebrities who seem to have it nailed. Naturally this means reflecting on those who are pushed to the forefront of my mind by the media. As of late, that has meant either Meghan Markle, Miranda Kerr, or Kate Middleton.

While it’s refreshing to learn that Meghan Markle is indeed a fan of carbs, apparently Kate Middleton’s envious skin is far more accessible than her bouncy hair. Until I am somehow rich enough to visit a hairdresser three times a week for the privilege, I need to keep refining my own bouncy blow dry technique. For now, investing in one of her favourite skincare products: Trilogy Rosehip oil.

It’s just before 6am here. I had a marginally better sleep after starting this post, but was awoken by my partner as he went swimming. For now, I shall continue convincing myself that the extra hours are very much cherished. To be honest, I could probably do with them for the purposes of remaining productive…the weekend is about to descend on us all!

An honesty note: This post does indeed contain affiliate links. As always, there’s no sponsorship involved. I link to the products that I find useful and have used myself. No BS here.


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