Things I love in the world of guilty luxuries week 4

It feels like I have hardly left the house this week. As a result, the only luxury I’ve genuinely come into contact with has been a full night’s sleep. That happened last night. I fell much more human and far less irritable.

As a result, this week’s dive into the world of guilty luxuries I adore involves more of those that I admire from afar. Seeing as I am flying to Orlando in just over three weeks, there’s an overriding need to seriously protect my spending money.

Without further adieu, here they are:

Indoor trees that make my working environment more joyous


Yesterday, I revisited my own personal hell: IKEA on a Saturday. Although I did successfully exit with eight glasses and three ridiculously small plants, I didn’t get a 50p hot dog. Instead, I consumed meat balls. They were quite nice.

While there, my partner and I spotted a tree that we believe would enhance the atmosphere in our home. The Ginseng Ficus is sprawling, twisty, and a hit amongst those who are adamant that trees enhance our productivity. I’m all for the sudden surge in workplace foliage, and seeing as I work from home as a copywriter in Wales I can absolutely get away with adding one to my living room. For £70, it should (theoretically) start paying for itself when I am able to churn out more words.

Meeting pods that I would absolutely adopt if I managed an open office

Somebody help me buy a nice garden office, please? CC: Tunstall Garden Buildings

This September, some of my favourite copywriting projects have included producing content for Zenbooth. Working as a freelance copywriter from home is sometimes perilous for those of us who like to concentrate. While I love my daughter dearly, her desire to bounce around my home shouting about why the cats don’t love her are a little distracting.

As a result, when I found myself writing about meeting pods that block out 40 decibels of sound, I was soon craving one. They have a phonebooth-like appearance and you can move them anywhere in your office. If I were amongst the 70-percent of Americans working in an open office, I would possibly start pushing catalogues through my boss’s door.

For now, I am going to continue with my pursuits as a freelance copywriter so that I can purchase a shed. With plenty of insulation. And an Internet connection. Sort of like my own meeting pod in my garden, with an incredibly strict ban on children. Now I need to go and pitch a little harder so that I can invest in my dream working space.

Rachael’s Kitchen Cupcakes, for the friends who are on maternity leave

Guilty luxuries
CC: Rachael’s Kitchen (

A new(ish) friend is about to go on maternity leave. While I love buying presents for babies, there’s no denying that mums are often one forgotten in the gift buying process. Seeing as growing a small person is heavy work (you sort of double your blood volume, which is crazy), it’s an adventure that’s deserving of treats.

As far as luxury cupcakes go, it looks as though Rachael’s Kitchen will be pretty hard to beat. I’ll leave a review after placing my order, and I’ll likely go for the Lucky Dip box (everyone loves surprises).

Oat cream in my coffee and scrambled eggs (goodbye dairy)

Guilty luxuries
Creamy coffee will always remain as a necessity in my world. CC: Christiana Rivers

Okay, so I won’t give dairy the boot on a full-time basis. Not only I am I fully dedicated to my annual brie binge at Christmas (alongside cranberry sauce), I could never abandon chocolate completely. I am, however, looking for better ways to make my coffee milky and my scrambled eggs creamy. Oh, and I want to keep my calcium levels as normal.

I wouldn’t say that oat cream is a luxury. It’s skulking in the non-dairy section at Tesco for less than £1. For that, you can make four (large) coffees creamy at home. You get all the taste of cream, with fewer consequences. For example, there are more antioxidants than dairy and plenty of anti-inflammatory perks. I’m boosting said perks with chia seeds in all and every smoothie I eat. Hello calcium and omega-3s, I do love you both.

I guess aiming for my usual five items was always going to be a bit of a stretch, especially given my lack of sleep. But, I did manage to maintain my usual sense of punctuality, for which I am grateful.


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