Three headline generators no freelance writer should live without

Headline generators

Creating headlines is possibly one of the more cumbersome elements of being a freelance writer. Sometimes it’s easy, as they just seem to jump from my mind and onto the page. Most of the time, though, I need headline generators to help me along. Here are three of the best:

Answer the Public

When a keyword leaves you feeling completely flummoxed, Answer the Public will always come to the rescue.

This headline generator comes with two options: free and paid for. If you pay for the premium version you can determine which locale you want results from.

In a nutshell, it produces headlines by listing the types of questions someone will look for when they enter your target keyword into search engines. For example, entering ‘Anne Boleyn’ generates the following inquiries:

  • Where was Anne Boleyn born and raised?
  • Who played Anne Boleyn?
  • Who Anne Boleyn?

Amongst many, many others.

Clearly, you have a little latitude when it comes to choosing how you use those questions. You don’t have to use them as a headline at all, but you can use them to determine what your audience may be looking for when they enter your chosen search term.

Impact BND headline generator

Impact BND’s headline generator takes a different approach to Answer the Public. Rather than entering your keyword, you select what your blog is likely to be about.

Some options include:

  • Saving money
  • Challenges
  • Your opinion

After choosing one of the options above, you could receive results such as:

  • Why Your  ____ Needs a ____
  • 4 Things All ____ Want
  • 6 _____ Habits of Highly Annoying _____

How you choose to fill in the blanks is then down to you. For example:

  • Why Your Home Needs an Energy Meter
  • 4 Things All Startups Want
  • 6 Infuriating Habits of Highly Annoying Toddlers

The Cosmopolitan/Daily Express method

Okay, so this isn’t technically a headline generator. But, you are going to use your brainpower alongside what you find online.

Both Cosmopolitan and the Daily Express are renowned for their ridiculous headlines. Whether you’re genuinely aiming to take a clickbait approach (please, don’t) or you want something outrageous that you’ll then whittle down to something sensible, it’s highly effective.

For example, three of the best headlines I’ve seen lately from the Daily Express include:

  • Debt Crisis: British Families Face 15k Misery
  • Is Meghan Markle About to REUNITE With Her Father? 
  • UK Weather Forecast: Beast From the East to RETURN? Britain Braces for Frosty BLAST

Yeah, I don’t get the use of capitalisation either.

When examining such sensationalist headlines, think about how you could turn them into attention-grabbing titles of your own. For example:

  • Freelance Writing Crisis: British Copywriters Face Client Misery
  • Are Freelance Writers About to LAND More High-Paying Gigs Than Ever?
  • Freelance Writing Forecast: Content Mills Set to RETURN? Freelancers Brace for POOR Rates

See, it’s kinda fun, isn’t it?

No matter how you choose to write your headlines, make them fun and unique. Your reward? More readers! Greater conversions! All of the exclamation mark worthy points!

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