A quick one on my favourite quote by Dwayne Johnson

Copywriter in Wales

I’m sure I’m not alone in thinking that Dwayne Johnson isn’t the first person who springs to mind when you’re digging around for an inspirational quote. But this week a snippet from one of my favourite Alexa skills proved me wrong.

Each morning, I start my day with a combination of a flash briefing from Alexa (followed by a Harry Potter quiz). I recently added Everyday Positivity to my flash briefing, which is a two-minute or so positivity brief.

In the middle of this week, the author of the skill (a lady named Kate Cocker) reflected on a quote from Dwayne Johnson:

If someone tells you _You can't,_ they're showing you their limits. Not yours..png

I feel like that is a truly amazing quote to end your week on. Especially if you take some time to reflect on the occasions where someone said you wouldn’t manage something, but then you did.

For example, I had numerous family members and friends try to tell me that I couldn’t earn a sustainable living as a freelance copywriter. I also, apparently, didn’t have the correct aptitude for working as cabin crew. Similarly, few people have tried to encourage me to be a pilot when I run that dream by them.

Don’t take this post as a sign that people are trying to limit you. Or, that they’re being malicious. We’re all guilty of mentally limiting others according to our own limitations. It isn’t a conscious effort (for the majority of us), just a silly mistake.

At the same time, don’t let suggestions that you can’t do something limit your attempts. You don’t need someone else’s permission to test your abilities. You only need your own.

And on that VERY cheesy note, here’s to another productive week.


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